BPSK Broadcast Experiment

Signals & Systems Experiment

IIR filters

This experiment implements a 2nd order IIR Direct Form 2 structure, with remotely variable coefficients. The user can modify the coefficients from the math and see the implementation of these polynomials with real electrical signals in real time.

It is important that you print out and follow these guides

  1. Download a brief Guide to net*TIMS (pdf/403kb)

  2. Quickstart guide to esperiment (pdf/532kb)

  3. Experiment guide (pdf/1.9Mb)

then click on the link below to connect to the LIVE net*TIMS server

LOGIN: Username: = user, Password = visitor
NOTE: you need Java V1.4 or later - see the Help page
Best viewed FULL SCREEN at 1024 x 768 display resolution

If you enter the incorrect IP address, you will receive an ERROR message.

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